Friday, July 4, 2014

Architecture, and do not stop.

Well, to most people Architecture may sound something exciting, well, i don't doubt it is not. But you better know something before starting it. You know as we all like to call it 'Mental Preparation'; well, you are gonna need that a lot in here in architecture.

No doubt architecture provides students with a various number of exciting subjects. Like, Architecture offers a course on music to the students, a course on art, a course on Photography which i bet most people find very interesting.

but to start with architecture, the first semester does not turn out that pleasant for the students who have just enrolled. firstly the hard-working, and simultaneously the pressure and also another most important ingredient that is called 'melancholy' cook the first semester. But if you are afraid already, just be patient, and hang in there, you know you will certainly find hundreds of reasons to convince you not to leave and stay. I mean this is the objective of the first semester so that you can put up with pressure and tension and so on. but honestly the feeling after submitting some project that might have killed your sleep for nights, I bet you can't buy it with money-the happiness, the solace and the contentment.

trust me, if I were a doctor I would definitely prescribe the people who suffers from insomnia to enroll into architecture, as they can certainly patronize their insomnia in terms of projects, and also they can definitely get million dollars sleep which they are mainly suffering from.

Architects always say a thing that, architecture is not only a subject, it is a life-style, a way of living. if you go on with architecture, within few months you will observe certain change of your taste. And you will certainly grow a 'saying' in everything, whether it is good or bad.

well it is better to have some basic courses done on designing before starting architecture, otherwise the course might seem more frustrating as it was for me. but not to worry, you will be a good designer some day, even if you have the basic design course done or not. the thing is about trying and 'feeling'. you first have to feel things, like even if the wind blows you have try to feel the breeze on your skin, or the hot air that burns your skin. you have to observe more and care more. and above all you have to try more.

the most sarcastic or might be the beautiful thing of BEAUTY is that, it is not constant and neither possesses any limit. So whatever you do, and might seem beautiful, will certainly not seem beautiful to all, and certainly has the ability to be more beautiful. so never ever stop trying when the architecture life seem terrible, because, you know the thing is just denied as shitty thing who knows might not shitty at all, and no doubt can be far better than what is just presented.

best of luck with architecture. i hope one day you will be the one of whom I will be taking autograph.

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  1. Well said.. As an architecture student myself, i think it is instructive and helpful to new students...